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Steps to obtain a competitive Proposal from multiple Providers are outlined below. Once your Request for Proposal has been completed we will take your Confidential information and seek Proposal completion from targeted Providers who meet the primary requirements.

The next steps are outlined below:

  • We work with you to select and define the portfolio/strategy that you are willing to place.
  • You complete the confidential Client Request for Proposal (click on the link below to access the Portal) relating to the Book dynamics including typical performance targets and other SLA’s.
  • We select the top best-fit Providers who have experience and are ranked in the top of the pack (based on Batch Track data – which they share with SMGI) for consideration.
  • We send your confidential information to these targeted Providers for their consideration.
  • Interested Providers provide their best proposal/solution (Location, Team, Price).
  • Unlike a typical dedicated agency sales person – we will not recommend a Provider who has little experience and won’t recommend one that has poor performance – We look to develop a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.
  • A comprehensive Proposal Comparison Report is packaged to provide detailed individual commitments with a summary of experience on like-paper and present to you for consideration
  • You select the top contenders and we coordinate due diligence and/or the vetting process
  • You select the Provider(s) and contract directly with them
  • All future interactions occur directly between you and the Provider, with SMGI supporting the process and interaction, making sure that performance meets/beats expectations. Similar to a captive sales person – who has a vested interest – but unlike a dedicated sales person – SMGI represents your interests.  Since we place paper from many issuers, when we call, the Provider is more likely to listen and take action to quickly resolve any deficiencies.

We will not disclose your information to anyone without your permission.

Click here to complete a confidential Request For Proposal (10-15 Minutes to complete).