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Solution Benefits

Solutions Management Group International, LLC (SMGI) stays at the forefront of our field by listening closely to the needs of our customers.  There are five essential benefits they require when outsourcing.

  • Savings

SMGI offers proven savings of costs and time.  Hard savings are achieved through intense competition among our provider base.  The vendor neutral model ensures that providers offer the best solution at or below benchmarked market rates.  Business process improvements and clarified cost of outcome, enabled by our reporting capabilities, yield additional soft savings.

  • Risk Mitigation

All of our providers have been vetted by many of the largest financial service organizations in the country. All are fully licensed and insured with complete documentation provided at the onset of the relationship.

  • Quality of Providers

The vendor neutral model for sourcing of contingent agencies promotes active competition among our broad base of providers.  Our provider management methodology continuously improves our pool of talent.  Consistently presenting high quality projects to our providers keeps them focused on bringing the best talent to the table.

  • Global Capability

Increasing numbers of companies are beginning to take their operations global and many service providers are looking to address globalization. SMGI has an established presence with successful programs around the globe.

  • Scalability

Keeping ahead of market trends is essential to success in the global economy.  Companies with better ability to add or remove staffing quickly and inexpensively will enjoy an advantage.  While the technology deployed by our providers is flexible, our people are the true drivers of SolMan’s impressive scalability.  Our programs are operated by experts with real-world, industry-specific experience needed to keep our solutions as flexible as your business requires.