Optimize Portfolio Performance

Solutions Management Group International, LLC (SMGI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Loan Exchange (NLEXTM) which has been an important pioneer in the process of selling distressed assets for most of the leading financial institutions in the U.S. and Canada.


Beginning in the 1980’s NLEX’s parent company created an open market for distressed assets for the Resolution Trust Corporation. Assets included real estate, consumer, student and automobile loans, credit card accounts and equipment lease portfolios.

In 1993, NLEXTM began representing portfolios on behalf of financial institutions to offer new product to its buyers, and to offer an exchange in which lenders could create liquidity for their charged-off assets.

Since that time, we have conducted sales each month for banks, insurance companies, the U.S. government, and other financial institutions. NLEXTM has closed over five thousand contracts, totaling approximately $100 billion of face value for more than $3 billion in sales. No other company has the extensive and successful experience to offer both buyers and sellers.

In 2008, NLEXTM initiated relationships with a number of the best Collection Service Providers in the country and around the world.  Member companies have been vetted and approved by many of the nation’s largest financial institutions and are fully licensed in the states which they service.  With a variety of product and market segments as well as collection strategies, SMGI is able to provide a robust, scalable solution to its clients.